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Water Saving

Centrix offers a range of water conservation solutions that have been proven to maximize performance, efficiency, and reliability. We replace outdated inefficient equipment and integrate the latest field technologies and systems, designed to monitor and analyze operational performance.

  • Water Efficiency          

  • Meter Replacement            

  • Cooling Towers

  • Alternative Groundwater 

  • Condensate Recovery

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Energy Efficiency

Making a building more energy efficient is one of the easiest ways to cut costs for any organization. We make the process easy and we collaboratively manage every step with our client. It starts with a facilities audit to identify potential energy saving opportunities, then we develop a scope of work for each facility, a not to exceed (NTE) cost estimate to do the work, and a detailed calculation of anticipated energy and operational savings. We then arrive at a simple payback, not the only way to evaluate the validity of a project but certainly the most straightforward way to assess return on investment (ROI).  We typically reduce overall utility consumption by more than 25% and many of our clients also prefer to have us guarantee these savings using a Performance Contract structure.

Lighting – fluorescent technologies are a thing of the past and LED is the proven preferred technology now. Switching fluorescent to LED is a relatively straightforward retrofit process where we provide mock-ups and offer a turnkey service that targets the best overall value and the best ROI.

HVAC Systems - aging HVAC and temperature control systems can waste a lot of energy, resources and money. We will perform equipment condition assessments, verify operational efficiencies, and assess any environmental concerns. From there, we propose turnkey solutions including retrofits, replacement, recommissioning, or installing new equipment. This is not just an efficiency or energy savings concern, since improving environmental quality also positively impacts the health and productivity of people in the building.


Connectivity and Technology

We partner with municipalities, school districts, and university campuses to implement connected technology solutions including dedicated fiber optic and wireless networks to improve community connectivity with ultra-high-speed broadband, advanced public safety and security solutions, as well as other custom connected infrastructure monitoring and controls designed to improve operational efficiencies in facilities and reduce associated costs. 

Centrix has a strong track record of developing innovative citizen/student engagement technologies that foster a strong sense of community and improve the overall learning experience and quality of life for students, faculty, and visitors.

  • Fiber - Wireless (WiFi) - 5G Networks

  • CCTV – Security / Safety Cameras

  • Contact Tracing Solutions

  • Real-time Facilities Monitoring / Control

  • Distance Learning / Virtual Classroom

  • AR-VR Education and Training

  • Citizen / Student Engagement 


Consultative Services

We offer professional consultative services in these main areas:


Our Sustainability Services follow and help school districts implement the Center for Green Schools Whole Sustainability Framework, which was published in 2014 and illustrates how every school can establish the conditions necessary to support their journey toward sustainability.  We also provide tehnical support for clients that are interested in obtaining LEED Certification of their facilities.

The Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is a critical component of any clients' strategic planning process and Centrix can provide invaluable information to help address deferred maintenance and facilitate long-term capital improvement plans. Our FCA process will identify current deficiencies and maintenance items to be considered, as well as identifying new projects for improvements. 

Commissioning (Cx) is an important quality assurance process that ensures facility systems operate and integrate optimally to meet the defined objectives and client requirements. The Cx process leads to a reduction in energy costs from the base case, lowers total cost of ownership of the equipment, and enhances the delivery of new construction, remodeling, and/or retrofit projects.

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